(2) 365 Smiles

365 Smiles part 2, daily gratitude

Part 2: 101 – 200days of smiling!

This batch is going to include some big milestones: 
> Travel4Purpose Launch
> First Travel4Purpose Trip
> First T4P Tribe Event
> Many more T4p World blog posts

Hence, it’s a great time to say some thank you’s and send over virtual hugs / hi5’s:

+ WordPress Legends, Jit and Prash, fair to say this fully wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Cheers for picking up my video calls day and night, telling me to chill and ultimately making building a website great fun!

Aysha, who has created the remarkable logos. She’s been so patient with me and my pickiness but I let out a big fat smile every time I see the logo. Hit her up if you need a logo created, you won’t regret it.

+ Brainstorms; Akhil, Shaili, Sammy and Niam – problem statement’s have never been so joyous. Many more to come!

+ Pareet, my older bro who has been my inspiration since day one and a great sounding board. So excited to be working closer together and create magic.

+ Elaine and Pooja, who have helped considerably with branding and the whole social media world.

+ Kenyan OG’s – Kaaj, Kush and Krishi – for validating everything to do with T4P and bringing in the Kenyan spices. 

+ Ryry and Kimmy, always pushing me forward and correcting my English!

+ Last, but not least – the fam, who have supported me on taking this journey, stepping out of my comfort zone and going off societal tracks.



Thank you to everyone who helped T4P
T4P website team

Thank You to everyone that’s been a part of this journey!

We’re about to GO LIVE video call with the techies

(101) 12th June: posted the ‘discover your purpose’ PDF today, that I spent a considerable time creating. The response was so worth it and had some awesome meaningful conversations with individuals.

(102) 13th June: things are happening on speed x3 right now, less than a week to launch things are ramping up and we’re seeing a lot of ticks on to do’s. Lets goooo!

(103) 14th June: took a breather today, Shails, Akhil, Niam, Sammy and Meera came round for a picnic and catch up / catch ya later… felt so so good. Gonna miss these guys big time.

(104) 15th June: had a few more mates review the website today, their responses were super encouraging and constructive. Showing an actual (nearly) complete website to others, feels like SUCH an accomplishment.

(105) 16th June: holy moly, today a lot of hurdles were faced, the website crashed, SSL wouldn’t complete and a lot of time was spent on phone calls attempting to fix things up. Not ideal 2 days before launch tbh, but a classic test and reminder that we will get over hurdles. Going to bed with a working website and working SSL – back on track for launch!

(106) 17th June: the day is tomorrow – woaaah, having to pinch myself. So much to get done today, racing by the clock but it’s very much coming together and I’m buzzing to show the world Travel4Purpose.

(107) 18th June: IT IS LAUNCH DAY!!!! The last few days has proposed so many hurdles – classic. I couldn’t be more excited – it’s time to shift things up a notch. A huge smile today 😀

(108) 19th June: today we go home to Kenya. We’ve been trying to fly out for a few weeks now, which proved difficult due to borders being closed. Now it’s all happening so fast. The feeling of being on a plane again – SO good. I’ve also haven’t taken a break in the last few months, the plane forced me to do that, recollect everything that’s happened in the last few days, weeks,  months. And wow, so much has happened.

(109) 20th June: due to the airspace in Kenya itself being closed, we had to drive from Nairobi to Mombasa, which is a 8 hour drive during the night. Some say this isn’t safe, but we’re out here to take risks. We passed a couple of elephants on the journey and saw a sensational sunrise, my heart warmed – I’m home. 

(110) 21st June: unpacking, putting clothes away, caught up on the accelerated mindset call and getting things ready to get back to work and keep the engine fired up, tomorrow.

(111) 22nd June: today a new weekly initiative was started on our instagram stories – Monday Impact Travel Tip, every Monday I’ll be sharing a tip of how you can make your travels have more positive impact. Smiling to have a powerful platform to speak my thoughts and raise awareness.

(112) 23rd June: this evening I played badminton with my mum and dad in the backyard, quarantining isn’t the most exciting but having space to quarantine in makes it a lot more free-ing. Also got to see the family and kids from a distance, oh how I’ve missed them – cannot wait to hug it out though!

(113) 24th June: had a call with Juan, founder of Impact Travels that operate in Columbia. It’s insane before starting T4P I did a fair amount of research and never found anything so similar and aligned. I came across impact travel a few days ago and when I tell you we have the same vision, I mean it. It was so refreshing to find someone so alike and driven. Excited for what we can do together and Columbia has been added to the bucket list!

(114) 25th June: we are officially SSL secure on all T4P website pages. We were having an issue with mixed content due to some of the pictures calling at the .co.uk domain – but we gooood now, visit T4P with a peace of mind homies.

(115) 26th June: another empowering and magical chat today; Tania from Swahili Secrets, she grew up in Kenya and now resides in Germany. Once again another alignment, out here to make a difference through travel mechanisms. I truly believe so much more impact can be created by collaborating and working together rather than competing.

(116) 27th June: put together Suchi’s poem in a blog post today, so so proud of her ability to whisk you into a different world with her words. Suchi, if you’re reading this, keep sharing and creating smiles cos you make me smile 🙂 

(117) 28th June: it’s Sunday, it’s been a full on week getting used to a new routine, space and rhythm. Today, I’m appreciative of my surroundings and community – simple yet powerful.

(118) 29th June: I sent in a profile today for a very special platform, I can’t say too much till it’s released, however gotta say it’s exciting…

(120) 30th June: today I sent the first T4P data and all of a sudden everything felt really real… imagine, people actually receiving a batch email from my baby venture – very cool!

(121) 1st July: I started the work meditations again and it honestly felt so good to guide a meditation again – strongly considering doing a teacher training course and making this an actual thing… if you’re reading this, what do you think?

(122) 2nd July: the impact travel blog went live today, this was a pretty important blog with lots of people asking ‘but what actually is impact travel?’ It’s already have quite a few views and I’m glad to spread awareness on such a key topic.

(123) 3rd July: 14 day mandatory quarantine ends today and we’re finally allowed out – boooooya. If you know me, you know I love being outdoors and doing things, these 2 weeks have been tough and that may be an understatement.

(124) 4th July: uploaded the second meditation video, then spent the day at my cousins, catching up, playing games etc.. smiling to be able to spend time with others finally.

(125) 5th July: moon rise on the beach – special. 

(126) 6th July: had a call with a lovely lady called Kate this afternoon, she started a mutual education travel venture in Malawi that has been running for 13 years. Such an inspiration and I’m thankful to come across such people.

(127) 7th July: today I led the work meditation and about 60 people joined – 60 people that want to meditate with me, how insane is that – feeeeelin’ overwhelmingly surprised 

(128) 8th July: met Zahra from SUP Kenya in person – we discussed a few exciting projects to execute in Kenya. There’s something about meeting someone with the same energy and drive, it makes everything seem possible.

(129) 9th July: recorded a podcast with Juan from Impact Travel this evening. I took a moment to pause and think back – I’m now creating a podcast on behalf of T4P, I always looked at podcasts for T4P being so far fetched, but organically it just happened!

(130) 10th July: a productive day and that’s a reason to smile. 

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