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Mombasa City is the second largest city in Kenya after the capital Nairobi. Filled with great history, Mombasa harbors great connections between the past and present times at the Kenyan coast. Mombasa offers vast opportunities for visitors and locals to enjoy both the historic richness of the city and the beautiful sandy beaches by the Indian Ocean. Mombasa offers a look into the history of the bantu inhabitants, the Portuguese invasion, the Oman occupation and the British colonial times all in one island. 

The weather is amazing all year round offering visitors a chance to enjoy the vast activities and the great ambience in the city. With so much to offer, it can be overwhelming to narrow down on what to do when on the beautiful island. Worry not, we have compiled a list of six unique and enjoyable activities for you to do when in Mombasa Raha. 

1.Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa City Tour - Enjoy The Day Trip in Mombasa - Travel4PurposeNow would you be in Mombasa if you did not enjoy a look into the streets, paths and culture of Mombasa? A Mombasa city tour while riding on a TukTuk gives you a chance to see the famous Mombasa Tusks, the beautiful old town and the amazing markets in the town. This tour will allow you to understand the local life, the history of the town and enjoy a wonderful breeze while you drink Swahili coffee famously known as “kahawa chungu”.

2.Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is one of the main landmarks associated with Mombasa. This standing castle-like fort shows the history of the town through the various conquerors who controlled the island at different times. The fort still has many of the ancient artifacts making an interesting walk through and great learning opportunities. Not to mention the amazing photo opportunities for you on your vacation. 

3.Mombasa Food Tour 

Mombasa Food Tour in Kenya - Travel4Purpose

Now this is a tour you do not want to miss. Great food and a great company adds up to a great time. Mombasa is famous for its amazing street food. The Swahili pride themselves with the ability to make unique flavourful meals and snacks. In addition, Mombasa is a melting pot of different cultures and this shows in the different foods available. The experience offers you the best of all food worlds.

4.Picnic with the Giraffes

Nature Walk With Giraffes - Travel4Purpose

An afternoon in the sun while enjoying nature’s most graceful animals right next to you, how magical. This nature walk allows you to not only experience and dine with the animals, but gives you a quiet environment and a chance to positively impact the community around you. 

5.Mombasa Sunset Dhow

This magical experience  gives you a perfect view of the sunset and the amazing view of the city as it lights up in the dark. This is a view you do not want to pass up. Perfect for a group or even that romantic feel with your spouse, this dhow ride will remain in your mind for a long time. Dhow Trip Mombasa

6.Kayaking/ Water Sports 

It would be impossible to mention this island town without mentioning water sports. The Tudor Water Sports offers a great opportunity for you to enjoy kayaking in the calm waters. If you are not feeling courageous enough, they offer pedal boats and other less adventurous ways for you to enjoy the Indian Ocean at a very affordable fee. Nothing feels better than floating on the waters meditating with the view of the island on the horizon.

Now you are ready to enjoy the hidden gems in Mombasa, getting the best of both worlds offered. We have a special gift for you to further help you enjoy your time in Mombasa available in your inbox as soon as you join our Rafiki List. Any places you visited in Mombasa that you enjoyed? Please share with us in the comments and let us know how you enjoy the places we have mentioned. Stay Joyful!

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The core of T4P is to create a positive impact while travelling. This blog is all about sharing valuable, fun gems on impact travel, living with purpose and insights into Kenya, our home! 

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About T4P

The core of T4P is to create a positive impact while travelling. This blog is all about sharing valuable, fun gems on impact travel, living with purpose and insights into Kenya, our home! 

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