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Hello Friends,

Let me introduce myself, I’m a twenty-something year old girl with a vision. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya and moved to London, UK with my family when I was 6. After 20+ years of following the social norm; school, university, 9-5 corporate job, saving to buy a house,  (attempting to) find a life partner etc etc.

It was time to break free and align with my purpose.

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Let’s rewind a few years. In 2016, I was lucky enough to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime – I took a year out of my undergraduate course to study abroad, during which I managed to visit 14 countries. This was my first time travelling solo and what came ahead was unexpected to say the least, it led me to where I am today. 

During my year ‘out’, I gained an understanding of the true meaning of travel – companionship, culture and community. I was introduced to a small dose of the opportunities travel grants; the power of meeting fellow humans from different walks of life and recognising the shared dreams we are all working towards. However, I also noticed the negative impacts of an increased carbon footprint, animal endangerment, exploitation of local communities and culture.
I spent the next couple of years living in the beating heart of London, fresh out of university and straight into a graduate scheme. None of it felt right. By this point I had already been bitten by the travel bug and experienced a way of life that aligned to my values.

I felt a shift within me, something was brewing.

Over the years I’ve become more comfortable with travelling authentically; interacting with locals, venturing off the beaten track and having a purpose while on the road (as opposed to the destructive holidays I knew of). I learnt a thing or two while on the road, the main one being that creating smiles for others and yourself – is THE most treasured feeling. Travel can be used as a force for good; positively impacting everyone involved, including Mama Earth.

*lightulb* January 2020 marked the moment the idea brewed; the birth of Travel4Purpose. On the 18th of June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic I launched Travel4Purpose to serve my purpose of creating smiles. 
Stop by and say hello, I’d love to connect even if it’s just for a virtual Hi5! (Oh yeah, Hi5’s are my favourite).
Stay Joyful, 
Shammi xo

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