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As staycations are becoming trendy, spontaneity is peaking. I found myself welcoming in August camping at Tiwi Beach, Twiga Campsite. Happy days!

I’ll be sharing tips and ‘things to remember’ for camping by the coast for all the fellow Kenyans out there – our home has provided us with such gems, bring on the staycations! 

You can access Tiwi beach in 40 minutes from Mombasa, including the ferry crossing. It happens to be one of the only places along the Kenyan coast where you can pitch a tent right on the beach. 

Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach, South Coast

Top 8 things to remember for your trip: 

  • Swimsuit – there aren’t many places where you can go straight from bed to the ocean as the first sun rays of the day hit the water.
  • Insect Repellent – always a good idea. 
  • Light – there is a lack of light after the sun goes down (as there should be for a true camping experience), although the light definitely comes handy when cooking or playing cards. 
  • Water – even though there is water access, it’s unsafe to drink – stay hydrated, especially with the salty ocean air.
  • Jumper – as toasty as Mombasa weather is, it does get pretty breezy during high tide.
  • Brush – remember you’re surrounded by sand, brush your feet before entering the tent or you’ll be covered all night.
  • 4×4 Car – the roads leading to the campsite aren’t the smoothest, with a large dip to welcome you, 4×4’s are recommended. 
  • A Sense of Adventure – camping isn’t for everyone, you’ve got to be ready to give up luxuries to experience thrills you’ll never forget.
Twiga Beach Camping Site

Twiga Campsite Set Up

P.s. ensure all your camping gear and utensils are reusable, being right on the beach it’s important to avoid single-use plastic as it’ll either go straight into the ocean or into a baboons tummy. 

Twiga Campsite is incredibly well equipped with separate toilets and showers for ladies and gents. As well as outdoor showers and basins to clean up post cooking. Firewood is also available upon request. It’s also only 20 minutes away from the all-famous Diani.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or experience camping at Tiwi Beach with T4P. 

(shhh… T4P uncovered a hidden gem nearby for you water lovers, that’s not quite ready for the internet but definitely ready for you adventure seekers).

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