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Writers often write what they think; their findings after a research. Authors put down their emotions in works releasing every feeling concealed deep in their hearts. 

A poet is a puzzle altogether, for words are in the rhythm of the wind and sound of the waves. 

Each and everyone has dreams, goals and ambitions. Both the author and the poet have their unique aspirations and their source of inspirations. One should chase their dreams even to the unknown. 

This is the key to endless possibilities. 

Sometimes the journey might not be one to look forward to but the joy of achieving your goal is worth the trouble. Do not be sorry for chasing after your dreams. 

What you believe in is the complexity of the masterpiece, you were created to be.

Don’t have second thoughts about sacrificing for what you want. 

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Step towards achieving the goals you set for yourself. Be ready to overcome to all odds. Do not first defeat. Wake up and work towards achieving your goals. It doesn’t matter how many reasons you got in order to give up. 

Find a reason to hold on to and keep going. 

The world rewards victors and not quitters. You are too legit to quit. 

I met Regina at a community teenager workshop we ran with the Haller Foundation and SUP Kenya, to encourage the teenagers to continue learning and start sustainable businesses during COVID-19. She showed me her work and I was absolutely astounded – this girl needed the world to hear her words. I will be using the Travel4Purpose blog as a platform to showcase her work.
Hold on to your seats, ladies and gents you’re in for a treat.

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