T4P Eco Projects

One of T4P’s main aims is to help Mama Earth shine brighter, therefore we organise and are involved with a number of projects…

reusable pads

Reusable Pads Distribution

Sanitary pads are a luxury for many in Kenya. In fact women and girls are forced to exchange sexual activities to access pads - an absolute tragedy.

We're trying to change that - distributing reusable pads to remote areas with water access. Each women is given 1 packet with 6 washable inserts and 2 covers all in a waterproof bag, that will last them 3 years.

When distributing these pads we aim to empower the women by holding an education and hygiene session.

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Planting 6 Million Trees

Tsavo (Kenya's largest national park) experienced destructive fires for 6 months destroying mass areas of nature. With a mission to restore Tsavo's ecosystem we aim to plant 6 million trees to balance biodiversity and help wildlife thrive once again.

An ambitious project that will take many years but will be so so worth it!

"Plant a tree, knowing you’ll never have the chance to sit under it but your grandkids may."
(along with all the future animal generations in this case!)

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Say No to Plastic Bottles

Beach Clean Ups

The Kenyan coast is blessed with gorgeous beaches, many of these beaches are breeding grounds for turtles, crabs etc. A significant amount of rubbish is washed up from other continents as well as our own.

T4P holds beach clean ups, to help reduce the waste going into the ocean, save marine life but also raise awareness and spread knowledge. Together we can reduce waste and help the underwater world shine with living colours!

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The project has started! Chicken, Fish Farm with a Kitchen Farm

Community Teenage Workshops

Working with community teenagers during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools are closed to promote reading and guide them into starting their own sustainable businesses.

Working with the teenagers individually to understand their skills and passions to create a local based business. With the hope of sustainably earning money as many families struggle through these times as well as develop an array of skills to help in the future.

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