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The dust settles on freshly washed strands of hair,
Camouflaged effortlessly with the brown skin of the people enveloped in its cloud,
It permeates deep into the cells of their lungs.

Women dressed in brightly coloured outfits proudly donning the red sindoor in their neatly parted hair.
Lines of street stalls selling sweets and snacks to get you through the dry heat of the day.
The constant jingle of the truck horns and the confusion of smells from waste to steamed momos echo deep into your dreams.
Stray dogs bloodied from their fights for survival, rustling for scraps of food, for mere sips of water.

The peaceful travel across the lake and the steep climb to reach shanti stupa, its golden Buddhas stand strong providing the guidance for those who seek it.
The square prayer flags that you so often see even in the most secluded of places, blow in the wind letting out whatever wishes have been clung to them.
When you travel higher you escape this polluted cloud into fresh crisp air and you transcend into another world.

A world of mountains and waterfalls, where the first rays of light fall on the snow looking like a thousand crystals strewn across its tops.
You stop for a second and harness that moment of undisturbed quiet, protecting it.
Then reality strikes again and you are paddling through murky waters, feeling sand between your toes and sweat seeping out your pores.
This is a different type of cloud neither fresh nor polluted just dense, so dense it weighs you down.

Elephants pass you by but there is sadness in their eyes.
They dream of being freed from the kicks of mahouts and the ties of the rope that entangles them to be slaves within their own land.
Before you know it, you are back on the bustling streets of shopkeepers,
Enticing you to come and align your chakras with their unique singing bowls and aromatic incense,
Or maybe it’s the promise of rich and raw coffee harvested from those very same famous mountains.
If that doesn’t catch your eye then perhaps the tinkle of anklets,
The semiprecious stones hammered into earrings,
The patches of fabric with the eyes of Buddha and the symbol of Om fashioned into any garment you want,
It’s all organised chaos and it functions seamlessly.
That is the Nepal I have seen in the places where I have been.

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