Barefoot Beach Camp


Barefoot Beach Camp- Mambrui’s eco- camp & backpackers is the ultimate hidden gem, situated right on the beach that sparkles gold. Meals are cooked by a professional chef, great access to the famous Hells Kitchen and a 5 minute walk to the stunning sand dunes. If you’re looking for a getaway off the beaten track, this is your place!

Impact Created
  • Beach Cleans: being situated right on the beach, the beach is our home. Good care is taken and the area is regularly cleaned. The waste is then sorted and recycled, to ensure a second life.
  • Local Materials: to build the bandas, material found locally is used reducing the negative impact on the environment and the jobs are given to locals. Directly feeding income and empowerment into the local communities.
  • Training: with one of the owners of the camp being a professional chef, he personally trains the staff, equipping them with further skills.
  • Ingredients Sourced Locally: where possible the ingredients are found locally and seasonal foods are used.


  • If you’re looking for laid back, informal, relaxing, peaceful, off-the-beaten track, pristine, great hosts, remarkable food kind of place, go no further. This is it!!

  • Peaceful experience – like a safari camp but on sandy bay away from the crowds. The twist is excellent food, welcoming hosts and staff.

ClientBarefoot Beach Camp
Category:Banda Rooms & Camping
Facilities: Restaurant | Beach bar | Campfire | Various options of accommodation | Wifi | Power | Pets allowed Massages | Watersports coming soon

    Would you like an exclusive private dinner on the beach or balcony at Kinondo Kwetu?

    Contact Details
    Website: Under Construction
    Phone: +254722421351/ 723564258
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