Positive Impact HighlightWe help users of our app to track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life.
Slogan Planet-friendly living, for everyone.
T4P HighlightChance for everyone to do their share.

Ni Hao

Founded in 2019 in Singapore by CoFounders Aziz and Josie, Capture’s vision is to make planet friendly living possible for everyone. Capture’s app is available via the AppStore & Google Play and we support both organisations and individuals through the Capture app and software.

When it comes to Capture for individuals, we help users track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life. With tracking currently available journeys and food choices. We help users calculate baseline emissions, then -7.6% to help them see a monthly target. Why 7.6%? Because we would need to decrease emissions by 7.6% year on year between now and 2030 to meet the 1.5 degree Paris agreement! Tracking is mostly automatic using algorithms that predict mode of transport and journey time from your GPS movements. We also have a choice of verified offsetting projects for you to subscribe too if you wish.

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