Mindful Travels

Mindful Travels

CountrySri Lanka
Positive Impact HighlightWe help people learn through experience, contribute to those in need and live in the present moment.
Slogan Individually become mindful; collectively make a difference.
T4P HighlightThe mindset and videos!


Our purpose is to inspire people to individually become mindful and collectively push the human race forward – getting to a type 1 Civilization. We believe that people need to adopt a more mindful way of living if life on earth is to survive and thrive. 

We do this by encouraging you to learn through experience, contribute to those in need, and live in the present moment through our social network for discovering and sharing mindful experiences.  

We offer a curated list of groups, events, experiences, learning programs, eco-accommodation, and services with a community of like-minded people that you can share these activities with.

These activities help you make a positive difference in the places you are exploring and live a more mindful life.