Severin Safari Camp &
Severin Sea Lodge


AreaTsavo West
Positive Impact HighlightAnimal conservation while providing an experience in the African Wilderness. Along with wastewater treatment plant and solar power.
Slogan Safari at the foot of Kilimanjaro
T4P HighlightLetting our senses wander freely


Severin Safari Camp is located at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The camp boasts luxury tents without any fencing, staying open to the wild. 

Coupled with a spa, realising energies that let your senses wonder freely, providing the perfect way to wind down in between game drives. Along with a number of activities to choose from, my favourite being the Masaai bush walk. Severin Safari Camp grants an exclusive combo of adventure, wellness and culture while staying friendly to the environment with wastewater treatment and solar power.

When in Mombasa, you can then visit the fabulous sister; Severin Sea Lodge. Here you’ll immerse yourself in an oasis in the middle of a tropical paradise. Situated right on the white beaches, taking some time to unwind with a refreshing swim within a palm garden as you sip on a fresh coconut.