TownSimolap, Sumatra
Positive Impact HighlightA self-sustaining environmental initiative that empowers our community to control our story and build our own future.
Slogan Combining incredible jungle adventures with vital community conservation.
T4P HighlightConservation and preservation of the jungle.

Selemat Datang

Simolap Wild Adventures was founded by our local conservation organisation who believe that environmentally sustainable tourism has the potential to improve the economic wellbeing of our community and help us to protect our jungle. We offer trekking and immersion tours, taking our guests into parts of the jungle not often explored by tourists, as a way to fund important community initiatives.

Where we trek is quite remote, away from crowds of tourists. Simolap is one of the last places on earth where visitors can see orangutans, evidence of sumatran tigers, sun bears, gibbons and many species of monkeys. On the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, we bring visitors to secluded waterfalls, jungle caves and natural hot springs. Our team is made up of young people who have grown up exploring the jungle who are passionate about this area and care about its protection.

We believe that people are a vital part of any conservation effort and are both an important resource and an important consideration in any environmental protection efforts. Working together and recognising the power, innovation and needs of our community, we can create positive opportunities to showcase our efforts and share our conservation message with our guests.