SUP Kenya

SUP Kenya

Positive Impact HighlightAdvertising businesses in order to give back to the community.
Slogan What's up Kenya? Support Kenya! // Support, unite and prosper.
T4P HighlightGenuine acts of kindness that are making a huge difference.


With Sup Kenya, we advertise various local businesses and their services on our platforms. In return, they lend their services, skills or products to a myriad of charitable causes. It’s a new twist to advertising, allowing all parties to benefit regardless of the outcome. We normally try to use what they already do and match them with a cause that we feel best suits the donation. For example: The Natural Mom’s Company produces and supplies natural soaps and creams, so once we advertised her she donated soap bars for newborn babies. This than led to the idea of newborn hampers that would consist of many businesses donating and once a month we drop it off at a hospital where their patients come from low income families.

In as little as three months, we’ve helped orphanages across Kenya by providing them with mattresses and basic items that they need, provided underprivileged mothers with newborn hampers that consist of a vary of products, and raised awareness about the corruption in prisons in Kenya. My most memorable project was at the Baby Rescue Life Centre. Where we were able to transform a concrete room to one full of toys and colourful foam tiles for abandoned infants so that they would have a safe place to interact with one another.

We as individuals have to do more for one another – you just have to start somewhere.