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TreeTop Travel

Positive Impact HighlightSupply the most convenient and eco-friendly travel accessories.
Slogan So you can look after the planet, whilst exploring it.
T4P HighlightTheir canvas travel backpack.

Bon Dia

After meeting each other in Bristol (England), we established that we both had very similar goals and aspirations, but neither of us were exactly living our dream. We shared the same thirst for adventure and passion for our natural environment, so we decided to combine our knowledge and experiences to create something of our own.

So far, both our journeys have been very different. Rob has a background in sustainable construction, and Hannah in anthropology and communications. We have also lived in completely different environments; Rob is originally from a little village in rural England and Hannah from an island in Spain called Menorca. Combined, we have also lived and travelled as far as Australia, South America, Vietnam, Malaysia & all over Europe.

Our journey with Treetop Travel began by mixing our passion for sustainability with our experience and knowledge of travel & adventure. When living out of a backpack for however many months, you come to realise which items are essential, and what can add that extra bit of comfort. With this, we decided to launch our store with the aim to supply the most convenient and eco-friendly travel accessories to any of you jetting off around the world.