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Making an Impact During COVID-19

In a time where the travel and tourism industry is so uncertain, it can be hard to fathom the type of impact you can make when new border restrictions, flight cancellations, and protocols are put into place on a daily basis. Yet, amidst the pandemic, hundreds and thousands of travel professionals are still working to discover new ways where they can support their local communities.

Ecomadic x Travel4Purpose

When Shammi (founder of Travel4Purpose) and I (Jaclyn, founder of Ecomadic) were first (virtually) introduced, we immediately jumped into the most standard conversation opener in 2020: “how has COVID-19 impacted you”? We were able to connect over travel experiences and how much we missed the ability to be out in the field. Eventually the conversation turned to how we could work together and, giddy with excitement, we came up with a virtual safari; completely convinced that the event would be a given success. 

However, as planning progressed, Shammi keyed the ecomadic team in on the human-caused bushfires that have been occurring at Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Naturally, a virtual safari just didn’t seem appropriate or fitting anymore. We were inspired to shift gears on our joint project and instead focus on spreading awareness on the topic; and give the individuals who are fighting the bushfires, Wildlife Works Rangers, the spotlight. 

After a month and some, our mini documentary is finally released: 

Collaborating for Impact

One of the most rewarding parts of travel, in my opinion, is meeting and connecting with new people. While these in-person experiences have been temporarily put on hold, impact can still be made by joining together collaboratively, even if it’s virtually. In such a weird time in the world, banding together and advocating for change we want to see in the world is one of the only ways we can come out of this time stronger and better. 

P.s. check out Ecomadic to learn more about sustainable travel. 

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