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T4P Mission


I’m Shammi a Kenyan born chic who finds joy in travelling. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on the T4P website! Welcome into a world where travel meets purpose. A few years ago I was introduced to the negative impact travel can have from the environmental harm to exploitation of locals and culture. Hence, I created Travel4Purpose; a seamless platform for you to have a positive impact while travelling and livin’ your best life. My mission is simply to create more smiles.

Each T4P Destination has a number of associated ‘attributes’ and as a traveller you tell us your top 3 based on your personal purpose. We then personalise your trip and ensure it is carried out ethically and with a greater meaning. Together we will connect, grow and smile. Check out some of the T4P Trips we’ve already carried out!

T4P Tribe is a community (you should definitely join) where we aim to inspire, learn and laugh with each other. To enhance our community, we have collaborated with impact Rafikis (Swahili for ‘friends’) around the world who provide a travel service aligned to our values – check ’em out! Together, we put our thoughts out on the internet, more specifically T4P Blog

T4P was born to encourage exploration of the road less travelled with an inbuilt consciousness. If you’re looking for a holiday with nothing on the agenda but sitting on a beach and sunbathe all day, turn around. However, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in local culture, make a difference and build a community, you’ve come to the right place!

P.s. I love Mama Earth, therefore it’s my promise that I will offset carbon emissions for every trip or experience taken through T4P.

Stay Joyful,
Your purpose-led explorera 

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Purpose-Led Experiences

Join T4P on the road less travelled…

We’re here to connect adventure travel for your purpose.

We have created our T4P exclusive experiences as well as collaborated with established local ventures around the world, to provide you the most authentic and fulfilling experiences.

We ensure our experiences align with the T4P philosophy:

T4P Vision

T4P aspires to bring positive change for our travellers and the countries they travel to through connection, growth and smiles!