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What? Cleaning up any waste from the beach and transforming the waste into a plant pot, watering can and sun-catcher, with children between the ages of 6-14.

Where? Nyali, Mombasa.

When? Anytime during the year!

Why? Educating children on waste, how it affects the environment and how to creatively use the waste for a better purpose.

How? Bags and gloves are needed for the clean up. Ensure children understand safety measures. Sanitise all waste before using it for the up-cycling activities.

Highlight: how much fun the children had creating these products!

What our Purpose-Led Travellers say:

Helping Ocean Life

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2021

The beach clean up was lots of fun. It helped lots of animals as the litter on the beach would have otherwise gone into the ocean and killed many animals. It was cool making a plant pot and watering can by using the plastic bottles we collected from the beach.

Amaya - 9 Years Old

Response from Travel4Purpose

Thank you for helping Amaya – you definitely helped many animals to live a better life!

Great Event to Raise Awareness

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2021

We thoroughly enjoyed t4p’s beach clean up-cycling event. As parents we talk to our children about plastic pollution and the effect it’s having on our oceans-it was nice to put our words into action with a beach clean up. It was sad to see how much waste there was on the beach and at the end of the session you could clearly see the satisfaction on the children’s faces when they saw how many baskets full of waste was collected by themselves. This was a great initiative to get the children to not only think about ways to protect the environment they live in but to act upon it to.


Response from Travel4Purpose

Thank you for joining the event with your two children, it was a pleasure to have you there! An extra thank you for helping pick up waste from the beach and make our home cleaner 🙂

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