Camping in Tsavo National Park

Whats on Offer?

  • Game Drives through the National Park 
  • Campfire 
  • Meet the Rangers
  • Meditation in the Park
  • Hike with Rangers
  • Visit KWS HQ

Packages are curated to your specification, to meet your purpose!

Tell Me more...

What? Pitching up a tent in the largest national park in Kenya, within the wildest of creatures.

Where? Tsavo East National Park.

When? Throughout the year, although December gets rather hot!

Why? If you want to experience nature, you may as well go all out. We had a wild elephant casually walking through camp while we were having lunch. A lion roar is also more fun than an alarm clock as the sun rises!

How? Classic camping gear; tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils etc. Firewood is provided as well as running water and toilet facilities.

Highlight: the close proximity to animals in the complete wild!

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