Treehouse & Local ACtivities at Mida Creek

Whats on Offer?

  • Authentic Accomodation
  • Camping
  • African Meals
  • Cooking Class
  • Makuti Roof Making Workshop
  • Climbing a Coconut Tree Workshop
  • Canoe Ride, Island Visit, Swim in the Creek
  • Local Fishing 
  • Elephant Pond
  • Gede Ruins
  • Broadwalk through Mangroves
  • Sundowner Bird Spotting


Example Packages (can be organised to your specification):

  1. 1 night stay in the treehouse, 2 meals, makuti roof workshop, coconut tree climbing, canoe ride with island visit and swimming.
  2. Makuti roof workshop, coconut tree climbing, village walk, canoe ride with island visit, swimming and lunch on the island.
  3. Broadwalk, cooking class and sunset canoe ride with island visit, swimming.
  4. Canoe ride with island visit, swimming and lunch on the island.
  5. Gede Ruins half day trip, canoe ride with island visit, local snacks, cooking class.

Tell Me more...

What? A broadwater tidal creek surrounded by exotic birds and wide-ranging mangroves, with a wide range of local activities to get stuck into.

Where? Neighbouring Watamu – a hidden gem!

When? Anytime during the year, birds will vary due to migration season but always a spectacular sight. Most activities are always available.

Why? This essential protected area can be explored in many different ways; by boat, by camping, on swinging planks and even on foot. Explore this paradise while learning about the history and conservation efforts from the locals while an expert lets you in on bird facts that will blow your mind. 

How? Stay in a treehouse at a local community camp, get involved with a range of local activities such as climbing coconut trees and weaving makuti roofs. Go out on the creek, swim within the aqua waters, learn about the mangroves. Enjoy a drink on a tranquil sunset dhow ride while sighting spectacular birds in flight. Experience true African Coastal food while indulging in the village life.

Plus point: discover a hidden island in Mida that you can even spend the night camping on!

Highlight: interacting with the Mida locals while appreciating the phenomenal treehouses.

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