Mombasa + Watamu Discovery

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What? Mombasa and Watamu are 2 towns 80km from each other.  Both have their unique feel for the traveller to really experience the Kenyan coast from all angles. An opportunity to jump on a Safari in Tsavo right after too!

Where? Mombasa + Watamu, with quick stops along the Kenyan coast, including Mida Creek.

When? Any time of the year, certain activities differ depending on season yet it’ll always be a good time!

Why? From the Mombasa nature filled culture to Mida Creeks local buzz to Watamu’s relaxing blue sea’s – there’s not a moment you’ll be bored. Discover different elements of Kenyan culture, landscapes and people.

How? Chat to us and we’ll give you an array of activity options from which you can pick and choose to ensure your purpose is fulfilled.

Highlight: experiencing 2 areas in depth and living like a true local.

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