Dolphin Safari DHOW, Snorkelling & SUP

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What? Experience dolphins swimming in their natural habitat up close on a traditional dhow, swim with the fishes through the marine protected corals and paddle through the mangrove of Mida Creek.

Where?  Watamu.

When? Dolphins are in the area between October and March. However you can experience turtles and whales during other times of the year and epic sunsets every single day!

Why? To experience one of the most beautiful species in the world while sailing on a traditional wooden dhow with local captains. Snorkelling and paddle boarding is a great plus too!

How? Depending on the type of trip you want, embark the dhow early in the morning to experience the dolphins / whales etc. Or later in the afternoon for a sunset cruise. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Highlight: seeing the dolphins as I paddled on the SUP literally in the middle of flowing nature.

What our Purpose-Led Travellers say:

Fantastic Experience!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 26, 2021

Choosing T4P for the dolphin watching was the best decision I made during my trip to Watamu! Why? See below:
1. They personalized it for me and my wife, made it special – a souvenir gift.
2. Dolphin watching – choosing the dhow cruise for this was special, minimum disruption to the dolphins which makes the dolphins come very close to the dhow. We saw about 10 to 15 dolphins as close as 4 metres! Boom!
3. Breakfast on the dhow after dolphin watching – brilliant! Yes, we had a chef on board!
4. Snorkeling – watching the beautiful coral reefs and different types of fish – eyeopener for me, the crew on board were generous and helped me since I did not know how to swim, while my wife was the mermaid, she did not want to stop snorkeling but the crew were so patient, they let her spend as much as time she wanted. What an experience!
5. Lunch served on board while paddle boarding at Mida creek – amazing experience!
6. Last but not the least, T4P make a positive impact to the local community which I was very touched by.

Siddharth Patel

Response from Travel4Purpose

Sid, it was an absolute pleasure organising this for you and your wife as a special honeymoon activity! Thank you for the detailed review, we really appreciate it 🙂 ‘best decision’ haha – I’m over the moooon! Can’t wait to have you on future T4P adventures, making more positive impact!

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