Watamu Whale Watching

Whats on Offer?

  • Whale Watching (June – September)
  • Snorkelling
  • Dolphin Watching (November – Janurary)
  • Sunrise Boat Ride
  • Water Sports
  • Local Meal
  • Beach Clean
  • Sunset Boat Ride 

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Tell Me more...

What? Every year there is a whale migration, where the whales come across from the chilly Antarctic waters to the warm Kenyan waters to breed and give birth to their calves.

Where? Watamu, Malindi.

When? Between July and September.

Why? See these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat in large numbers.

How? There are large companies you can go view the whales with, with a number of other tourists. However T4P believes in giving back to the locals, therefore we have teamed up with a local fisherman to go out to sea on a small boat with locals. 

Highlight: the feeling of being out in the open sea with the element of surprise of seeing a humpback at any moment.

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