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The below statistic is the reason I decided to spread awareness about impact travel:

“Only $5 of every $100 spent in the tourism industry stays within the destination country.”
– The United Nations

Impact (noun): a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person.

Impact travel is a type of travel experience that creates positive impact. At Travel4Purpose we view impact travel as a 2-sided concept: positively impacting the host country as well as the traveller.

Impact travel has the potential to eliminate the global inequality gap. The United Nation reported the global travel industry makes $7 trillion every year, representing 9% of global GDP. Impact travel focuses on supporting local economies and communities to make a positive difference in host countries.

Impact travel allows us to create positive change by simply tweaking the way we travel and trust me, you’ll benefit from it too! By travelling 4 your purpose, T4P will directly cater to those attributes, ensuring your experience grows you as an individual and you find yourself smiling more than ever.

Let’s take Kenya as a case study:

Kenya is a developing country that relies on tourism for its upkeep and survival of many. A number of international travel companies can book a luxury trip in Kenya for you; staying at 5* internationally owned hotels, having an up-market safari guide and glammed up experiences. These kinds of trips have negative impacts on the host country; loss of culture, environmental harm, exploitation of locals and above all that, most of the money is funnelled out to internationals.

By booking your trips through a provider that is committed to socially responsible travel you’re ensuring that the tourism generated income helps build sustainable solutions in the local economy.

Cannan orphanage children playing in Mombasa

Children’s Christmas Sports Day Party

For example Kenya is known for the big 5; wildlife based tourism is the fuel for the engine that drives conservation. Many of these animals are under severe threats due to poaching and environmental shifts. Booking through an international booking service, the majority of funds will not reach the host country and you’re likely to have a fancy guide that cares more about how cold your water is rather than the wild game you see. However by investing in a local travel service, your money will not only reach the local communities and conservation initiatives but will also allow you to have a significantly more authentic and fulfilling experience. 

The choice is in your hands, choose wisely. 

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