10 Tips for Practicing Sustainable Tourism While on Safari

What is a Safari?
Safari simply means journey in Swahili, a language spoken vastly in east and central Africa. When we speak about an African safari, we simply mean a journey through the natural wild to observe and enjoy the beautiful wildlife. African countries have made it easy to observe and enjoy wild animals in their homes by establishing national parks and reserves to ensure they are protected. The Nairobi National Park stands as the only wildlife park in a City and is definitely worth a visit.

What is an ethical safari experience? 
Traveling responsibly is a core part of sustainable tourism. Liquid Giraffe states it quite well, responsible Safari means enjoying Africa’s rich and beautiful terrain and culture while respecting the environment, the culture and the people around. Enjoying a safari responsibly means not only leaving a positive impact on the environment, but also supporting the local community and its economy. You can enjoy a responsible Safari courtesy of Travel4Purpose with a focus on ethics and conservation; get in touch fo more details!

1. Respect animal’s homes 
It is important to note that a safari allows you to enjoy and experience an animal in its natural habitat. This means you are in their home! Keep a respectable distance and avoid chasing the animals from their resting place. It might be tempting to nudge an animal to run so you can observe the process but that’s not nice. Don’t be that person.

2. Be quiet 
You just spotted a pride of lions hunting or a rare white rhino and her cub, how exciting! However it is important to express your excitement quietly to avoid startling the animals and scaring them. Avoid the use of loudspeakers and music in the parks and instead enjoy the natural sounds.

3. Stay within the designated paths 
It is important to stick to the roads created within the game reserves and to avoid driving on the grass. The savannah is home to many big and small animals and driving on the grass risks the killing of smaller animals, destroying their homes and ruining the food of many other animals. Keeping on the roads also ensures your safety as a traveler. 

4. Follow the rules 
The parks and game reserves set rules for the protection and preservation of the animals and the environment, as well as your safety. Please respect the rules to ensure you leave the place better than you found it.

5. Get involved with community activities
Unfortunately the majority of the surrounding community to the national park do not benefit from your visit, so get involved with an activity to directly impact them. We have a selection of super fun activities to choose from such as basket making with women in the village, visit a Masai community and make beaded jewellery with them or a chance to learn more about animal conservation with the community.

6. Donate to conservation 
Many of the parks and reserves rely on fees paid and donations given to sustain the security of the animals and to rescue those that have been put in danger. As part of responsible travel while on safari, you can donate to a cause or even adopt an animal in care.

7. Be careful with what you take or leave 
As someone who loves to travel, souvenirs are an important part of creating memories. However, ensure that you do not take anything from the natural environment that could disturb the ecosystem. Do not disturb plant life or remove anything from its natural habitat. A quote to go by while on Safari would be “take only photos and leave only footprints”.

8. Buy souvenirs from locals 
If you must take home a souvenir, then buy from the local communities who live around the parks. This has a direct impact on their economic growth and in sustaining their families. However , it is important to avoid purchasing anything made from endangered animals or their products so as to discourage the trade. 

9. Keep it clean
The easiest way to ensure you are enjoying a safari responsibly is to avoid litter. Avoid plastic bottles and packaging and if you must have them, dispose in the right places. 

10. Be present
Ethical and responsible travel becomes easier and way more fun when you are present. Put away your phone, turn off the noise, and fully enjoy the experience. 

You are now ready to enjoy a Safari responsibly. What is your dream Safari destination? Share with us in the comments below and who knows, the stars may align and make it happen!
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About T4P

The core of T4P is to create a positive impact while travelling. This blog is all about sharing valuable, fun gems on impact travel, living with purpose and insights into Kenya, our home! 

About T4P

The core of T4P is to create a positive impact while travelling. This blog is all about sharing valuable, fun gems on impact travel, living with purpose and insights into Kenya, our home! 

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