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"Only $5 of every $100 spent in the tourism industry stays within the destination country."
- The United Nations
... there is a need for society to travel with more purpose.

T4P Vision

Water Team at Le Ciel Barcelona Symposium
Create Connection

Bringing adventurous and ambitious humans together to learn, develop and grow.

Masaai Dalmas in the Kenyan Valley
Create Growth

Working with locals on ground to provide authentic experiences and valuable knowledge transfer.

Monk in Ladakh, India
Create Smiles

Using sustainable and meaningful travel to transform lives and create positive impact!

T4P Destinations

T4P have also built a community of impact eco-enterprises around the world to make your travels more meaningful and magnificent… show our Rafikis some love!

T4P Tribe

what is T4P ?

1. Selection

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Why T4P ?

Your Purpose

T4P directly caters to your purpose-led attributes, ensuring that you're smiling more than ever.

Positive Impact

Impact on both the traveller and host destination. Supporting local communities, environment, inequality gap

Ultimate Adventure

Travel like you haven't before Bringing the most authentic and fulfilling experience